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Gardenscape carries Morton's line of water softener products.

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Morton® System Saver® Pellets are a very high purity salt with virtually no insoluble particles that have been produced with the patented System Saver® formula. This formula improves the regeneration efficiency of your softener resin and prevents the build-up of hardness minerals in the valves and screens of your softener, keeping your softener clean and running longer.
Morton® Rust Remover Super Pellens® are formulated for use when noticeable amounts of iron are present in your water to reduce rust and eliminate rust stains on laundry, porcelain and dishes. Laboratory tests show that Super Pellens® remove 15 times more iron or rust than plain salt. 40-lb. Morton® Rust Remover Super Pellens® come in a convenient, easy-open bag.
Morton® Rust-Rout® Brine Blocks offer the same iron-fighting formula as Morton® Rust Remover Super Pellens® salt and comes in a 50-lb. size.
Morton® White Crystal® Rock Salt is 98.9% pure salt mined from natural underground salt deposits. Rock salt contains a slightly higher level of insoluble mineral particles. When using rock salt, periodic brine tank clean-outs are recommended.
Morton® Potassium Chloride Pellets soften your water while adding potassium to it. Morton® Potassium Chloride Pellets are 99% sodium-free, therefore reducing sodium levels in your softened water and reducing chlorides discharged into the environment. This product also provides the essential plant nutrient potassium to the ecosystem. 40-lb. Morton® Potassium Chloride Pellets come in a convenient, easy-open bag. Morton® White Crystal® Brine Blocks are 50-lb. salt blocks formed from high purity, food-grade salt that can be used in softeners with grid or platform tanks that accommodate blocks.

Morton® White Crystal® Solar Salt is 99.5% pure salt crystallized by the sun and wind from natural salt brine held in open ponds. This salt contains small amounts of insoluble particles from the environment that may need to be periodically removed from the brine tank.
Available Sizes 40 lb. and 50 lb. bag


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